Aigeira.org is a labor of love for Aigeira and the local area but also for the beautiful landscapes of Greece.

In the to-do list for several years prior to its creation it finally materialised during the last months of 2018. Originally it was intended as a place in the public domain to showcase what the area looks like, without having to sign in to any social media platforms, and let the viewers decide whether it would worth exploring what the area also feels like outside the photos. Two often very different things.

The photos themselves that you will find here are mostly amature shots amassed over a period of time that starts from the early years of digital photography, approximately early 2000s. Hence they might be of a lower quality compared to today’s standards. They do however serve their purpose of documenting the change in the region, and as you will be able to tell in many cases it has been significant despite the short time frame, especially if you look at signs of coastal erosion.

On the subject of photos, it would worth noting that most of them are own files. However there are several, such as aerial shots, that have been used from other sources. In those cases, although every effort has been made to attribute to the original author there are occasions that it has not been possible often due to the way the photos are showcased in each page. If you have any concerns, please get in touch and we will try to rectify it.

Because at the time of its development there was no other english language resource exclusively for the towns of Aigeira-Akrata, the content expanded to include information about traveling, activites, and history amongst other topics.

If you have any photos, information, or ideas that you would like to share please feel free to get in touch either by the contact page of the website or write to us at info@aigeira.org

Thank you.

PS: A development version of this website was created at the aigeira25010.tk domain name. If you found us though that address and got redirected here you are at the right place.


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